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Water Purifier & Activator: “Alps Springs” series:

Alps Springs, made of carefully-chosen Ceramics-Balls, are designed to change the tap water in your home into more like natural water with rich Minerals and Anions, which leads to your health maintenance in your dairy life.

Sewage Treatment & Purifying

Our water treatment and sewage treatment technologies, using diverse Ceramics-Balls, are installed in the facilities at Rest Areas of Highways, Factories of Cigarrete or Food Processing, Cooling-Towers, Water Tanks etc., in order to treat sewage and reduce sludge.

Anion Accessories / Germanium & Black Silica Accessories:

<Necklace, Bracelet ... et cetera>

Health-conscious ornaments and accessories made of Ceramics-Balls with Negative-Ion Ceramics & Far-Infrared Ceramics, and Jewelry Ores.

The OEM production is available according to your request: custom-made design, different combinations of Ores and Gems, and various colorful strings are available.

Beds & Mattresses for “Radium Bedrock Bathing”

- Bedrock Bathing (or Hot-Rock Sauna) is just like you are lying on the flat rock beside a natural hot-spring bathtub in a hot-spring resort, which accelerates perspiration.
- You are able to virtually experience and appreciate the similar effects in your house.
- The radiant energies of Infrared out of Ceramics heat you up from inside of your body.
- The inhalation of Radon gas, which oozes out from Ceramics, will promote Hormesis effect
Bed: W900mm x D2000mm x H110mm (AC100V)
Mattress: W700-1000mm x D1800-2000mm x H -50mm (AC100V)

Goods for Healthy Bathing:

These home-use products are developed to add Natural Hot-Spring effects into your home bath:
Radium content, Radon gas (aka Hot-Spring gas) generation, Anion generation, Emission of Infrared Ray, Elution of mineral constituents in Hot Spring, Yu-no-Hana (= mineral encrustations) content, Germanium content, Mildly Alkalization, Resolution effect, Surface Activate effect, Decomposition of residual Chlorine (Cl) in tab water, Anti-Bacterial effects…….

“IYASHI” for business use: New System for Artificial Hot-Spring

- Equipment for Artificial Hot-Spring
- Custom-built for the size of bath-tub and the quality of hot water.
New Hot Water Brings More Customers !
- Extremely Low Initial Investment, skipping the expenses for the location assessment, drilling, and area development.
- In consideration of future business plan, our product reduce your expenses for equipments, and also, it’s possible to install the system into the existing facilities or buildings.
- Unlike Natural Hot Spring, the system provides the fixed and stable amount & quality of hot water.

-In October 2011, the Spa Resort "Nanning Poly Crescendo" at Nanning City in China,
installed our Hot-Spring Water System(2units for the size of 7.5 ton).

Black Silica & Radon Rubber-Belt:

These belts (or bands) are made of gum materials containing Far-Infrared-Radiate* Black Silica Ores and Ceramics Powder with Radon Gas emission.
Radon Gas is known as hot-spring healing gas for natural remedy through therapeutic baths, such as "Tamagawa Hot-Spring Resort" or "Miasa Spa Resort".
Natural Ores and substances assure high security and reliability.
The gum-material called "Chloroprene Rubber" is now being used for Wet-Suits (or Diving-Suits) and newly developed Athlete Swimsuits.
Waist-Belts, Knee-Supporters (or Knee-Guard Straps), Vests and Floor Mats (or Sheets) are available.

*The emissivity measurement of Far-Infrared Rays shows average 92-93%.

Ion Stick (or Cartridge) / Hydrogen Reductional Stick:

Containing Natural Ceramics-Balls…. which elute or emit rich mineral constituents, Far-Infrared Rays and Anion.... , Ion Stick activates and enlivenments the water in your pitcher.
Using Hydrogen Reductional Stick, you can produce trendy "Hydrogen Water ( or Hydrogen Rich Water)" at home. With its reductive effects, healthy and refined water is now at hand. Please enjoy well-sophisticated water, just like Alkali-Reductive Water, easily and repeatedly.

Cool towel (towel to feel to be cold)

You feel it more coolly than a common towel just you get this towel wet, and to squeeze it.
It is most suitable for use in case of hot summer going out, leisure, sports, the gardening.
Because You can use it repeatedly many times, It is economical.

Size:About 350mm×750mm

Product"Toothbrush Bacteria Stop" which sanitizes a toothbrush.

Special ceramics ball reduces propagating bacteria to a toothbrush.
During patent application.
This product clears the standard of the water to drink.
Please do clean brush your teeth with "toothbrush bacteria stop" every day.
It is the sanitization effect proof in the public inspection organization.
Contents: Sanitization ceramics ball
Materials of the container: Polypropylene

Oil-Activation Stick (or Cartridge) :

Far-Infrared effects, radiated by Functional Ceramics Balls inside the stick, activate or rejuvenate the cooking oil, which makes Tempura or Fried Chickens more crunchy and lighter. Even at the same temperature of cooking-oil, you can cook deep-fried fishes & vegetables tastier and savourier. The oil tends not to deteriorate so soon, and lasts longer.
Easy to use: Just put the stick into the oil, and deep-fry Tempura as usual.
Various sizes of sticks are available, from home-use to a large-sized restaurant or a frozen-food factory.

Cell-Phone Decorations & Straps:

Functional Ceramics & Natural Jewel Ores STRAP
Pretty and cute decorative straps for Cellular Phones with Anion-emitting Functional Ceramics and various Jewel Ores, originally produced by the Ceramics experts.
The OEM production is available according to your request: custom-made design, different combinations of Ores and Gems, and various colorful strings.

Cushions for Radium Bedrock Bathing:

The cushions, specially designed for Bedrock Bathing, are covered with 3 different types of Ceramics & Natural Ore plates (or tiles: approximately 40mm x 40mm/ea.) Each of the plates gives off Radon, Anion, and Far-Infrared Rays.
They can be efficiently used in your daily life, such as on your chairs and sofas. When put on the driver’s seat, it makes your long-distant drive much easier and more comfortable.
SIZE: W450mm x D450mm x H25mm
Design: 2 types

General Outline of Water Treatment:

* Application & Installation:
Best used for Water Treatment of Cold water from Cooling-Tower, Elevated Water Tank, and Drainage & Sewage
*System Outline: (as an example)  
*Outline of Installation of Filtering Medium  
*Advantages of Installation:
- Better water-quality and treatment through Functional Ceramics
- Safe and reliable because of Natural Ores and Materials
- Reduction of "Chemical Usage" is friendly with Human & Environment
- Lower maintenance frequency by full-time circulation
- Reduce running costs
- Limit or prevent pollutions, scale, rust, and algae...

*Initial Costs:
The initial and installation costs vary largely according to the size of system, circumstances, and compositions. We will submit the proposal and estimate suited to your need. The custom-made system, total system installation or just Filtering Medium.... we are ready to respond to your requests and pleased to propose the most effective and efficient solution.

We also provide
- R&D service, Manufacturing, and Distribution of diverse Ceramics Balls,
- Development of new Sewage-Treatment System,
- Trial Manufacture or OEM-arrangement of various goods and products upon your request.
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