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Nagano Ceramics Corp has been Researching & Developing, Manufacturing, and Distributing “Functional Ceramics”, out of Natural Ores, Minerals, and Soil.

Under our slogan“ Challenge to the Future with Ceramics”, we are contributing largely to our society, providing Ceramics with various functions such as Health-Care, Environmental Protection, Water-Purification, and so on.

The newly introduced Environmental Products, developed under our fundamental research with scientific and official data & evidence, are obtaining reliability in the market. The well-satisfying functional potentials of followings have been achieved only in combination of high-functional ceramics:
- Brand New “Radium Hot-Spring” Installation Equipment, proposing the new style of hot-baths in 21st Century
- Family-use Goods for Healthy Bathing
- Beds & Mattresses for booming“Radium Hot-Rock Sauna”
- Our products are now distributed in Great Britain, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia etc.

Our aim and hope is to keep being a sophisticated group of people who dream big, and realize its dreams, with granting unremitting requirements of society in a wide variety of fields such as Environment, Health and the Aging.

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